Intuitive. Supportive.   Trauma informed.

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Why Desert Mountain Massage?

Desert Mountain Massage, aka me, Martina, am here to support you in your physical and emotional needs. Massage is known to help reduce pain, release tension within the muscles and increase range of motion. I am here to help you recognize how everything is connected within your body and how it speaks to you. Our emotional situations manifest themselves physically and most certainly can be released through bodywork. I believe that we are all given gifts in this life, and my gift has been to hear, listen and follow to intuitive promptings. This has led to incredibly awesome sessions where we get a lot of good work done. 

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Reduces pain

Offers Support
and positivity

Creates a
safe space

It is my goal
to ensure that every client
feels safe when they
come into my office.

No matter what you are
currently experiencing or
have in the past, you are
never alone. You are supported
and cared for

Dealing with physical pain
from day to day is a bit
distracting in life.
My massage sessions
focus on reducing the pain
that you feel.

“Because true belonging only happens when we present our authentic, imperfect selves to the world, our sense of belonging can never be greater than our level of self-acceptance.”
Brene Brown

The Desert Mountain Massage Experience in a Nutshell

I look forward to my sessions with Martina not only to feel the relief of body work, but also to learn about biomechanics, and tools I can take into my every day, to compliment the work we do. I leave my sessions with new knowledge and confidence to help heal myself, with her guidance.


Martina asked me to write about my experience with the massage she gave me, so here it goes! When I arrived, I was a ball of anxiety, feeling really down mentally, and just not great all around. I was nervous about dumping all of my stuff on her, so in trying to hide it and keep it in, I think I accidentally ended up making it worse. I appreciated the atmosphere she created, as well as the trust she formed by letting me know that it’d be up to me to share as little or as much as I wanted to throughout the session, and that she would not be taking it from me, so I was ok to let it out.


Martina has really perfected her massage therapy. I have had overwhelming anxiety for a little over a year and seeing her was the first time I felt relaxed since. She worked on some techniques that I could take home and use as well. I would recommend her to anyone but especially anyone with anxiety.


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